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    Arguments and Claims

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    Arguments and Claims


    An advertisement refers to an announcement or a notice accessible by the public to promote a service, product, or an event or even making a job vacancy known by the public. This argument concentrates on the advertisement by Street easy, a company in New York which deals with real estate. The company introduced “Find your Place” as a campaign to boost an advertisement of their New York real estate mobile app. notably, the campaign was posted randomly all over New York City. It ensured that sections of the city were highlighted in a relatable way. This advertisement campaign had a hidden penetration, in that it had a joking quality into it. Everyone desires to live within a walking and convenient distance to and from their job but want to be distant from their coworkers. Street easy pushed a twinkle of unity amongst dwellers of the city, intending to evoke humor in the presence of an unnerving task: finding a place to live (Lin 2014). This advert used inartistic proof and raw data because every person desires to own their own convenient homes.

    Thesis Statements

    About the chosen advertisement, there can be several thesis statements that can be used to give the reader or the public an overview of what they are expecting to find as the discussed content:

    Thesis 1.This paper aims at discussing how “Find your Place” was a convenient campaign approach for street ease in the advertisement of their New York real estate mobile app.

    Thesis 2. This paper aims at discussing how “Find Your Place” was not a suitable advertisement technique for Street easy in an advertisement of their New York real estate mobile app.


    Thesis 1.This paper aims at discussing how “Find your Place” was a convenient campaign approach for street ease in the advertisement of their New York real estate mobile app.

    Agreeably, it is assumable that every adult and a working person has basic knowledge relating to mobile applications. Additionally, it is a general assumption that any visionary working adult knows the essence of having their place to live close to their workplace. In this kind of advert, I must include the location of the houses and their range of prices. Still, it would be of great significance, including the units’ surrounding environment, for example, social amenities and infrastructure. Concerning my advert topic, each audience values the aspect of owning a modern, affordable, and habitable home (Lin 2014). Owing to this fact, some information must be included to motivate, engaging, and persuade them. Such information may include bringing about the notion of “first come, first serve,” discounts, and free transport to view the properties. The inclusion of this information is that they are among the key factors any potential audience and customer may give into more easily by nature.

    Professional analysis of an advertisement.

    In the beginning, the author can perfectly bring about the argument by stating that the American dream has two faces “the one competitively elitist and the other communally egalitarian.” Solomon aids us in properly comprehend his argument y coming up with his position that the stated contradiction is not accidental. Still, rather it is crucial to the structure of American society. Additionally,  according to Miller-Cochran ( 2019), he can ring about the difference between manipulation and persuasion. This is evident where he states that “it also lures us to achieve social distinction” the difference is seen in the sense that there is no negative result after giving in to the persuasion. According to Solomon, the advertisers give a reason to buy Cadillac in this sense; it’s high enough that the user can comfortably enjoy viewing the world from above. It is still convenient enough to be used by couples for a drive. In the Chevrolet advertisement, the dream of America is used as a foster to be popular. That way, the advertisers assume that with Chevrolet, one becomes automatically popular in America.

    Unlike Seville in the Chevrolet advertisement, pathos is noted because Chevy ads look straight to the audience and smile. The quick camera cuts take the audience from rustic to suburban to urban areas. In a Cadillac advertisement, pathos is used whereby the woman’s body language, Lagos, is seen where the American dream encourages the desire to arrive and fostering the desire to be popular.

    Student Analysis


    Timothy has put his thesis in a statement where he writes, “All advertisements attempt to change the audience manner of thinking or acting.” He has put his thesis in this manner to create his position in his argument relating to advertisement.

    Question 2

    Timothy has used logos in his claims to sound more appealing to his audience. Additionally, he relied on logos because he used logic, careful structure, and evidence, which is objective to appeal to his audience. For example, it is logical that the United States rapidly became involved in world war two hostilities.

    Question 3

    The primary target audience of this argument is the general public. This is proven by Timothy use magazines, television, world two, and ads by google as his logos. Undoubtedly, these are some of the platforms that the most significant percentage of the public receives the advertisement.

    Question 4

    Timothy is engaging in a Diatribe conversation where he expresses his take and emotions relating to different advertisement forms. He focuses on driving a point to his audience on how advertisements alter the audience’s acting or thinking manner.

    Question 5

    It is least convincing to state that all advertisements attempt to change their audience’s acting or thinking manner. This is because it is upon the audience to make their own decision upon seeing the advert. It is never by a force that one has to follow the adverts directives.

    However, it is more convincing of Timothy when he states that upon the appearance of the advert, the United States became involved more rapidly in the world war two hostilities. This part is more convincing in the sense that it was notable that the United States could only be engaged in the hostilities upon the appearance of the advert. This can help in concluding that the advertisement in some way could change their way of acting and thinking.













    Lin, S., Song, S., & Delmont, S. (2014). Street Easy Condo Market Index for Manhattan Index Construction Methodology. Transactions, 6(6), 42.

    Miller-Cochran, S. K., Stamper, R., & Cochran, S. (2019). An insider’s guide to academic writing: A rhetoric and reader. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, Macmillan







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