Assignment-Answer any two questions


You have 2 weeks to complete and submit this paper from the time of its

release Intended duration of paper: 14 Days

Answer TWO questions

All questions are worth equal marks.

Word count [1000] (+/- 10%) (per question)

Word count does not include citations and references

Due Date:18th January

This is an Open Book exam

Additional Materials needed:




With reference to theory, research and organisational examples where appropriate, answer any two of the questions below. All questions are worth equal marks


1. “Leaders should try to develop the same quality relationships with all their followers”

Critically discuss this statement

2. Critically evaluate two approaches to understanding job design

3. How can social identity theory help explain effective leadership?


4. Why is the need to belong important? (50%) and how can it be met by organisations?



5. What does theory and research related to interpersonal influence and persuasion tell us about leadership?


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