Question 1 [……. /6 Marks]

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of three hazards that can be found in a range of work environment.

Based on the given description, you will use the table below to present the risk assessment study


1- Give the types of hazards and place them in the first column. You will get three different types.


2- Assess the risk using the qualitative and a quantitative risk assessment matrix. For each hazard (answer the questions below:)

· What can go wrong?

· What is the likelihood that it would go wrong?

· What are the consequences (impact)?

Decide on control measures: select Tow of the five known risk management approaches (refer to the hierarchy of control) and assess the residual risk (R2).


List of Hazards:

1- Possible exposure to electrical live parts can result in major injuries leading to death, including electric shocks, burns, explosions and falls from height. The risk is increased in wet conditions, where a worker’s equipment and surroundings can also become live.


2- Viruses, bacteria, insects, animals, etc., are likely to cause adverse health impacts. These health impacts can range from skin and respiratory system irritation, to the transmission of infections. This will require professional intervention and time off work for 5days.


3- Unguarded machinery or unguarded moving machinery parts presents a serious danger as employees can sustain serious injury and fatalities leading to long term disabilities if they unlikely were to accidentally come into contact with them.






Control measures

















R1: the overall risk , R2: the residual risk , I : Impact, L: Likelihood



Question2: [……. /6 Marks]

A computer network service company presents the results of the investigation on the possible imperfections, variations, defects, or failures modes that could cause frequent incidents. The primary and some of the secondary were presented as follow:

· Lack of spare parts

· Old material used

· Poor documentation

· Poor testing methods

· Human mistakes due to lack of:

· Experience

· Training

· Motivation

· Frequent heat waves

Based on the given data, create the Ishikawa (fishbone) diagram using the given template. You will use 5 Categories: Material, Machine (equipment), Manpower, Methods and Environment.














Figure1. Network applied Ishikawa diagram


Question3: [……. /3 MARKS]

Draw the Fault Tree diagram of the following system. The undesired effect will be Absence of light. You will use OR and AND gates and INTERMEDIATE events ONLY.



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