Case Study And Responses

Case Study 3 (Education): According to reports published in recent years, American students continue to lag behind in education compared to many other advanced industrial nations. Some scholars argue that having a long summer break does more harm than good for American students. The long break causes students to forget important knowledge and skills that have to be re-learned when school begins again. Consequently, many argue that the United States should get rid of the long summer break and provide shorter breaks throughout the year (for example: a two week break in the Spring, a two week break in the Summer, a two week break in the Fall, and a two week break in the Winter). Others argue that the summer break is an important tradition, one that should be carried on. This break allows students to mentally decompress. It allows time for fun things, like playing outside, swimming, family vacations, etc. Should the United States get rid of the long summer break in exchange for shorter breaks throughout the year? Write a 250-word persuasive paragraph in support of or in opposition to this issue. When writing your paragraph, consider any one of the articles on education, located in the Week 1 Learning Resources. How might the author’s overall argument within your article choice tie in with this discussion? Make connections within your paragraph.


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