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This discussion activity gives you the opportunity to solve a real world scenario. In doing so, you will learn the concepts of a software development cycle.


Part I: Complete Your Original Response to the Main Topic

You are a software developer for a Retail Point of Sale System Company. A client has made a request to upgrade the current system from command line interface to a graphic user interface. The client concerns on an effect to the current system with the change. The client does not want to lose any current data on the system. Provide recommendations and the change plan including the below requirements to the customer.


  • Create a requirement plan (what need to be done to support this upgrade)
  • Create a development plan (how to implement this upgrade with programming details explanation including technical details on this document)
  • Create testing plan (how to ensure that the new upgrade works without affecting current system and no data lost.)

Posting your recommendations and the change plan

Once you have completed your recommendations and plan. Post it in the discussion forum by clicking the Reply link below.

  • In the first line of your post, your should add your plan title and name.
  • Your posting must include recommendations, a requirement plan, a development plan, and a testing plan.


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