cyber security

200-400 words per discussion.

The diagram below showed depicts an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) of continuous cyber hacking processes with the intention of stealing high-value data and information from targeted organizations. The Target breach happened in 2013 and Hackers gained access to more than 40 million credit and debit card information through malware on Target’s Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems. Information existing on the attack has been pieced together as shown in figure 2 below.

Figure 2 is a diagram illustrating the Target data breach with a timeline.

Answer the following questions below:

i. The security experts criticize Target for failing to isolate sensitive sections of their networks from those more easily accessible to outsiders. If you are the Target CTO, please propose a feasible solution to segment and categorize your networks and resources. 10 marks

ii. Many POS machines on the market nowadays are vulnerable to viruses and malware. Please propose a few measures to enhance POS security.


iii. The role white hat, black hat and grey hat hackers play within the cyberspace and Discuss their impact on organizations. Provide case example of activities that they are involved in. 15 marks

iv. Discuss how these security needs can be utilised by a small and medium scale business within the cyber space. 25 marks

v. Confidentiality

vi. Integrity

vii. Authorization

viii. Privacy

ix. Secrecy




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