Discussion-impacts of history on personal and everyday life

Journal Entry #3:  Please answer the following in this week’s journal entry.  You must have at least 350 words written in this journal entry.  There are two parts to this journal entry – complete both parts.

Total Points Possible:  50

1) For this Module 3, Unit 3, please discuss how history (and historical memory) impacts your personal and everyday life.  To what extent can you and your loved ones feel history’s effects?  Explain.  Refer to course materials, readings, and or the posted web links to make your case and for your analysis.

2) In terms of your history, please present details (or as many details you can) about your family tree – where your family and ancestors came from, countries of origin, and names of ancestors (for as far back as you know) and your family’s story of how they came to be (via origins and immigration, if any).  Share what you know and also try to do some research (personal contacts and or websites – ancestry.com or genealogy sites).  Answer the following questions regarding this information:

  • What do you know about your family history?  How did you come to know this information?
  • What information about your family history is missing?  Why do you think that such information is missing?
  • What insights do you have regarding what kind of information is available about our family histories and what info is not and why that might be the case?  (Which leads us into the politics of recording information and documenting our pasts)


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