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RESPONSES: Respond to Two of your group members’ drafts in at least 100 -150 words, giving them feedback on their letter.

I have uploaded 4 letters. You can pick two of them and respond.


Dear Professor Sarah

My name is Meiting Li, I am writing to reflect on my learning experience in this class. Among all the activities we did and the final report that we are doing, I think the final report is the most useful writing assignment for me as a writer in the class and even in these few years. I have done a similar format of writing, which is the research paper. However, they are different in the style of writing and the structure. This writing activity did help me a lot because we got to go through every step or stage of writing a report. In the previous writing classes, the instructors mostly required us to compose each part of the paper step by step instead of figuring out focus, writing a proposal, identifying the audience, finding resources that lead to the final writing like we are doing in this class. This process allows me to learn different types of writing and improve my ability as a writer. It is my first time writing an audience analysis and progress report memo. Through the process of writing audience analysis, I learned to narrow down my focus to determine what kind of voice I want to convey in the composition and what kind of style and content should I use in a recommendation report. The progress report memo allows me to keep track of my progress and identify my plan for future writing of the report.

Annotated bibliography would be the most difficult part of my writing process of the final report and took the most time for me. My report’s topic considers a really recent and rare topic, so I spend a lot of time researching information/sources that relevant to my topic. This is one of the two assignments that I required for an extended deadline to finish, which did affect my other assignment as well. I had to do other writing assignments in a hurry to make sure I had enough time to finish it without affecting my future work. Though, I finished them well and following the prompt. I am not a very active person, and I am lazy, especially in finishing homework. I took each step of the writing because of the pushing of the deadline. However, I finished most of the assignments ahead of time when I had a busy plan on the due date. It makes me feel more comfortable and more time to think about writing. Compare to the writing process I experienced in previous classes, writing this report is easier than I expected because of each preparation of the report. From identifying the topic and audience to combining sources into the final report, each step plays an important role in the writing process. They help me to organize my thoughts and deepen the topic. Generally speaking, every assignment has played its role to help me engage with the writing and make me a better writer. I can see my change and progress from beginning to end as a writer and also a reviewer.


Meiting Li



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