English homework help

Please help to write this case follow by 5 Step Case Analysis Assignment

1. Background

2. Problem

3. Alternatives

a. Alternative 1:

– 2 Advantages

– 2 Disadvantages

b. Alternative 2:

– 2 Advantages

– 2 Disadvantages

4. Recommendation

5. Implementation




A. How did the situation arise?

B. Who are the stakeholders?


II. PROBLEM (identify major problem)

A. Justifications for problem statement.

Why is this the problem?

What in the case suggests that this is the problem?

What is the best possible outcome?


III. ALTERNATIVES (possible solutions to the problem identified)

A. Alternative 1

1. Advantages to alternative 1

a. advantage a

b. advantage b


2. Disadvantages to alternative 1

a. disadvantage a

b. disadvantage b


B. Alternative 2

1. Advantages to alternative 2

a. advantage a

b. advantage b


2. Disadvantages to alternative 2

a. disadvantage a

b. disadvantage b


C. Alternative 3 (if required) – same information required as for Alternatives 1 and 2


IV. RECOMMENDATION (alternative chosen)

A. Major Justifications

1. Justify your chosen alternative.

2. Use as many statements from the case as necessary in your justification.

3. Part of your justification must be a comparison of your chosen alternative with

alternatives not chosen.

B. Minor Justifications

· What in the case suggests that this recommendation is the best alternative?



A. List issues that are important for the implementation of your chosen alternative (i.e.,

what will the company actually have to do to make your recommendation happen?).

B. List other problem(s) that your recommendation does not remedy.



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