homework assignment -politics in democracy

Answer the following questions:

1. Is it possible to keep the divisions that separate religious groups out of politics in a democracy? Should we?

2. How do your own implicit biases affect your political and social judgments?

3. Please define “civil liberties” and “civil rights”. Please provide an example of each.

4. How do rights equal power? Provide a minimum of two examples to support your view.

5. Are Americans’ Constitutional Rights unlimited? And who solves conflicts over rights? Please provide an example of someone or thing solving such a conflict.


● Answers for each questions should be roughly 100 words, or one paragraph, in length.

● Answer all prompts. ● Answers should be written 100% in your own words so that I

can assess understanding. Do not copy or quote answers directly from your sources. Please re-state or paraphrase. This assignment allows me to assess comprehension.

● Turn in work on time. Late work is accepted up to 2 days late, with deductions.

● No more than 10% of your posts should be directly copied. That which is copied should have citation.

● Include a source list. ● I recommend working in a word document. Work must be

submitted in .doc, .docx. , .rtf or .pdf.


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