Leadership & Team Development


Refer to the video on Organizational Structure. https://youtu.be/4rcI1u4cxGE

All organizations need some type of structure to define team roles and responsibilities, also known as ‘subsystems’ (think of the individual departments in an organization, for example).

You are charged with forming a team to organize and implement a fundraiser for a family in need. Name 3-4 subsystems, or departments, you would need to create within the team? Why did you select these? Think of the subsystems as an individual department if it were a business–marketing, finance, etc. and apply to this fundraising scenario and explain what the subsystem’s main functions are and how they would be accomplished.

In response to this case study scenario you must submit a 2 page minimum paper (not including your cover page or reference page), double spaced and in APA style and format. Upload your response as a Word file.

Lecture info:

Stages of Team Development:

Series of stages teams go through as they mature

Not all teams progress through these stages the same way

Stage1: Forming — the team is created and organized.

Team members get to know one another, establish first impressions

Begin to gauge time and energy needed to expend on the team tasks.

Stage 2: Storming — introduction of conflict/disagreement between team members

The team begins to outline what the group should look like — What goals should we pursue: How should we pursue them.



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