management discussions

Module 1 Discussion

After watching the videos and reading your textbook/articles, consider how Big Data is leveraged in organizations.

· Describe situations that involve Big Data (you should use a real situation) and how the organization can use this information as leverage. 

· Utilize what you read in “From Data to Decisions – The Power of Analytics” in reading assignments.



Module 2 Discussion

You should have a basic idea of “Standard Deviation” after view the “Standard Deviation – Explained and Visualized” video under Module 2 – Variability.  Read the information below:

· “Variability” at

· “Standard Deviation” at

· “How is standard deviation used to determine risk?” by Brian Beers | Updated on April 2, 2018 at


Briefly describe how your company/organization determine risk?



Module 3 Discussion

Think about anything you may have read or heard recently in relation to a causal relationship between two factors (e.g., sugar substitutes and cancer).


· Find a related news article or video. 

· Post a link to the article or video, and discuss other factors that may need to be considered. 

· Does the popular press media portray the results of the study different than the study itself? 



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