Nursing Assignment


Write an introduction and a methodology section for an analytical report based on your major.

Use this sheet for your answer.



A4 GRADING RUBRIC (For student’s reference and instructor’s use)

Based on the features in the following:


NAME: _________________ | SECTION: ______ | TOPIC: See the instruction.
Grading Criteria Excellent


Very good






Organization, Design, and Style Uses a logical structure of report with all the elements included as specified in the guidelines for the assessment. Clear organization, consistency of style, a reader-friendly design. Generally, shows a logical progression of ideas. Some elements are not done properly as specified in the guidelines. Some errors in organization, consistency of style. Consistent design features. Ideas are arranged randomly rather than in any evident logical structure. The meaning is not always clear, and some points are not related to central idea. Numerous errors in organization. Inconsistent style and design features. Poor organization. Ideas are random, lacks internal coherence. Ideas are either too general or too specific to be effective; some are not at all related to the topic.
Coherence: title, introduction, conclusion Excellent introduction (with rationale and a strong research question). Transitions have been used effectively. Contains a good introduction; however, any of the following is missing rationale for selecting the topic, the research question, transitions, specific title. Has an intro but several important elements specified in the guidelines are missing. Poor use of transitions. The introduction is too vague, missing, irrelevant.
Content and development Relevant content presented in well-developed paragraphs based on the content items in a report document. Strong evidence from research. Dull content presented; paragraphs are not developed, or the word count of the report’s body is missing details. Evidence of research. Irrelevant sentences presented; paragraphs are not developed, or the content of the report’s body is not sufficient. No evidence of research. Unduly brief.
Sentence skills and mechanics: grammar, syntax, vocabulary The report is error-free with varied sentences, relevant vocabulary, excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Words are accurately chosen to produce the desired effect. The ideas are sometimes too general or vague. Sentences are generally clear, well structured, and error-free with few errors, but they do not impede understanding. Some sentences are wordy; Words are not always used accurately and effectively; it is repetitive or confusing. Contains several mechanical errors, which may confuse the reader. Too vague or too general. Poor grammar used. Contains either many mechanical errors or a few crucial errors that hinder the understanding or ability to see connections between thoughts.







(Max: 100)












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