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Week 1: Introduction to Criminal Organizations

The movies and media have often portrayed the seductive nature of gangs and organized crime—from Goodfellas to The Wire and The Sopranos—painting their members as a slick, confident “family” operating above the law, or at least alongside it. In reality, criminal organizations are less glamorous than they are destructive. Such organizations contribute to drug and gun proliferation, as well as violence, and negatively impact the communities in which they operate. They also may be more prevalent than you think, their roots spreading even to rural areas of the United States.

The goal of the course is to study criminal organizations so that you, as a professional, can combat their activities and the lasting effects of those activities. This week, as an introduction, you define and compare street gangs, organized crime groups, and terrorist groups. You also reflect on firsthand experiences with these groups as a way to gauge your existing understanding.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Differentiate between street gangs, organized crime groups, and terrorist groups

· Reflect on personal experiences with street gangs, organized crime, and terrorism




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