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We have learned that leadership is not limited to businesses. Parents, relatives, students, friends, neighbors, and volunteers represent a small example of those who lead. You may find that there is a person, or group, that looks to you for direction, or as a role model. This makes you a leader. On the other hand, you may be actively pursuing a position of leadership within your workplace. Either way, with your viewpoint, take the Self-Assessment in the Casse (2014) New drivers of leadership reading (see attached document for reading.) Present your results in the homework this week, along with the following:

· Describe how you understand yourself through the strongest drivers and weakest drivers (highest and lowest scores)

· Think of one challenge, past or present (personally or professionally), and diagnose your ability to resolve the challenge through the drivers.

300-450 word excluding references, APA format, and a minimum of 3 references


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