Response To The Video

1, Watch this video:

In a 300-500 page write-up, you will teach someone everything you learned from this lecture:

  • don’t just do a simple summary or repeat the information.
  • organize the information and explain it in a way that helps someone else learn the material.
  • you can use bullet points, diagrams, paragraphs or any other format that helps teach the material effectively.
  • Your contribution to these discussion forums will contribute towards your Contribution to Learning Community grade in the course. Please note that discussion forums have a deadline of one week.


  • Post should be related to the course and present value and/or interest to your classmates
  • Posts may include concepts from the readings/lectures and examples in industry
  • Where required, posts should include proper APA citations
  • Posts should be professional (writing, grammar, spelling, structure)
  • Quality & quantity of posts are taken into consideration for grading after the forums are closed


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